Our Hospital Bags

Truthfully you don't need this amount in your hospital bags. Under the circumstances we were in, we may have needed to be in the hospital for a long period of time. Mums Hospital Bag Hospital Notes Notebook  File Pens and Pencils Phone and Charger Laptop and Charger Camera and Accessories Toothbrush and Toothpaste 3 Flannels … Continue reading Our Hospital Bags


Little Hearts Matter

Little Hearts Matter are national UK charting that supports anyone affected by the diagnosis of single ventricle heart conditions, founded by Suzie Hutchinson. Celebrating 25 years of supporting families affected by single ventricle heart conditions by providing ongoing support from the initial antenatal diagnosis, through treatments and into home life. Little Hearts Matter work with … Continue reading Little Hearts Matter

We Chose Life

Trigger Waring - This post contains information relating to termination, which may be triggering.We saw the consultant on the 13th of June 2018, following our anomaly scan locally on the 7th of June when the issue was first raised. The consultant explained how serious and complex our daughter's heart condition was, that there could be … Continue reading We Chose Life

My Pregnancy

Going into my first pregnancy, I had no idea what to expect. Everything was new to me. But never did I imagine my first pregnancy to plan out the way it did. My pregnancy from start to finish was absolutely horrible. But the joy I felt when Lillie-Louise arrived made the whole pregnancy worth it. … Continue reading My Pregnancy